Download our customer diagnosis guide to learn how to diagnose a motor problem and brief your repairer:

    On-Site Diagnosis Of Motor Issues

    Vibration Analysis & Preventative Maintenance

    Everything that rotates vibrates to a certain degree, but as components start to age or become worn, if there is an imbalance or misalignment, the vibrations start to be damaging.

    Vibration Analysis is used to determine the causes of vibration in order to detect fatigue and damage. Elecmotec use effective vibration analysis techniques to avoid machine breakdown and failure.

    Elecmotec’s analysis techniques are there to save you a lot of time and money in costly repairs and down time by identifying when machinery is no longer working effectively and is at risk of breakdown.

    Motor Testing & Condition Monitoring

    Testing the condition and operation of motors is a critical part in keeping operational. Early diagnosis of potential problems and failures is the most cost effective way of dealing with them and avoiding the costs of breakdown.

    Whether a motor is being checked to maintain its performance or if it is failing or has failed, Elecmotec will apply a comprehensive range of tests and ensure that it is returned to peak condition and suitable for its task.

    Elecmotec’s testing and condition monitoring service means that machinery can be kept working optimally. We have the expertise in all types of motor testing and maintenance.

    Periodic Health-Checks and Audits

    Elecmotec work on either an ad-hoc or regular basis to maintain the smooth-running of all motors and machinery.

    Working with Elecmotec means that you don’t have to worry about when you should have your motors tested – Elecmotec will do that job for you and remind you when testing time is due.

    Elecmotec are the trusted partner to many, who call on us as and when they need to check the health and efficiency of motors.

    To Arrange a Health-Check Contact Elecmotec Today.

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