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Industrial Electric Motor Repair

Rewinds, Overhauls & Refurbishments

The more effective the repair, the more economical the motor.
Elecmotec specialise in quality rewinds, repairs and refurbishments that keep your motors running at the optimum.

Effective repairs and overhauls are often more economical and less time consuming than buying a new motor. Even motors that are no longer available can be rewound to give many more years’ dependable service.

Rapid Response Repairs

We understand how downtime affects your business and that’s why we respond rapidly when our customers call with an engineering problem.

Having engineering expertise on hand also minimises the downtime as much as possible.


Maintaining Motor Efficiency

Every time Elecmotec repairs or overhauls a motor we are also running diagnostics.

We know that quality repairs can maintain and improve on the effectiveness of that motor.

Your running costs are vastly improved by having efficient motors, whatever their age, if they are properly maintained.

Mechanical and Electrical Diagnostics

With an Elecmotec engineer, you can be sure that your equipment is in the hands of a true expert. We don’t just identify what has gone wrong, but why it has gone wrong. Having this overview means we can repair and maintain your equipment to the optimum, maximising productivity and ultimately saving you time and money.

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